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Discovery Photo Tours
Discovery Photo Tours takes you to exotic destinations around the globe alongside our team of internationally acclaimed photographers. Our all inclusive tours are a life changing experience, filled with culture, cuisine, incredible photographs and unforgettable memories. We think you'll enjoy them.

Discovery was created by photographers, with the goal of designing tours that we would like to go on. So before you dive in, we'd like to tell you about our Gold Standard, it's what makes our tours truly unique and is woven into each and every tour we create.

We only photograph places where we love the food, culture and the people.

Each of our tours is designed around the "Discovery Gold Standard", which means you'll join some of the best photographers in travel photography, experience the culture that makes our destinations so unique, and capture it all from our favorite locations.

If you'd like to be treated as a friend being shown around to the best and most intimate discoveries we've made, we think you'll enjoy our approach.

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